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Behavioral Assessments That Predict Candidate Success

Step into a brighter hiring future with TalentScan! Our user friendly platform effortlessly handles assessments, candidate management, and result interpretation. Hire candidates faster and with confidence!

Empower Your HR Team to Hire The Best 

Our platform provides the tools and insights needed to identify the best-fit candidates, ensuring your team can build a winning workforce with confidence. Elevate your hiring game with TalentScan today!

Streamline Your Recruitment Processes

TalentScan's behavioral assessments can help you identify the most suitable candidates early in the hiring process. By providing insights beyond the resume, the assessments enable you to focus on candidates who are a good fit for the job and your organization. This streamlines the hiring process, reducing the time spent on comparing resumes and conducting interviews with less relevant candidates.

Quickly Send Assessments Sent To Candidates

Experience the speed and ease of rapid assessments with TalentScan. Within seconds, effortlessly send assessments to candidates, providing you with valuable insights in no time. Streamline your hiring process and make decisions with confidence using TalentScan's seamless assessment capabilities.

Instant Results Delivered Directly to HR for Review

Say goodbye to waiting and hello to instant results! With TalentScan, assessment results are delivered directly to your HR team for immediate review. No more delays or uncertainty – make efficient, informed decisions with the power of TalentScan at your fingertips.

Compare Your Business's Needs Against Every Candidate

Discover the perfect match! TalentScan helps you identify candidates based on your defined behaviors and traits that matter most to you, and use them as key behaviors to compare each candidate.
Uncover those who align seamlessly with your requirements and create a team that's set up for success. Let TalentScan be your compass in finding the right talent.

Tailored Interview Questions Based on Your Needs

Get ready for interviews that matter! TalentScan provides tailored interview questions based on your priorities, results, & data. No more guesswork – focus on what's important to you and make your interviews insightful and efficient. Elevate your interview process with TalentScan's personalized approach.

One Simple Score at a Glance

Get one simple score that is easily understandable, supported by our proprietary formula, and backed by thousands of completed applicant tests. Gain insight into how your applicants' behaviors compare to one another at a glance.

The Future of Hiring Begins Here

Experience the ultimate in hiring management and candidate comparison with our platform. We've created a seamless solution that not only simplifies your hiring activities but also offers effortless candidate comparison. 

Create Custom Hiring Activities

Shape your hiring process your way! With TalentScan, you can create custom hiring activities that suit your organization's unique needs. Each crafted activity can be tailored to your company culture and requirements, ensuring a hiring process that fits your vision.

Track Each Person’s Progress 

Stay in the know every step of the way! TalentScan enables you to effortlessly track the progress of each candidate. From assessment completion to decision, you'll have a clear view of where each person stands in the hiring journey. Keep everything organized and ensure no detail is missed.

Easily Compare Candidates

Simplify your decision-making process with TalentScan! Easily compare candidates. Assess qualifications, skills, and cultural fit effortlessly, allowing you to make well-informed choices that align with your business needs. We empower you to choose the best candidate for your team with confidence. Additional comparison features are available in pro and above levels.

Send Assessments Quickly

Send assessments quickly with TalentScan! Our platform lets you swiftly send assessments to candidates, ensuring a rapid and efficient hiring process. No more delays – make progress in a flash and gather the insights you need.

Receive Instant Results Once Assessment is Completed

As soon as an assessment is completed, you'll receive immediate results that you view at a glance. No waiting, no uncertainty – just timely insights that empower you to make swift and informed decisions. Stay ahead of the curve and drive your hiring process forward.

Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Candidate

Uncover the full picture of each candidate's potential with TalentScan! Our platform highlights both strengths and weaknesses, based on what's important to you. This gives you a comprehensive view of what each candidate brings to the table. Allowing you to make insightful decisions by understanding their capabilities, enabling you to build a team that excels in every aspect.

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Our Approach

We understand that the hiring process can be challenging. We have over six decades of experience in the HR industry, and a deep understanding of its complexities.

From grappling with issues like frequent employee turnover, ensuring cultural alignment, addressing skill gaps, to fostering high levels of employee engagement, there are numerous factors to take into account when bringing a new team member on board.

Here at TalentScan, our aim is to streamline this process for you. Our platform and assessments are meticulously designed to enhance your understanding of behavior-driven solutions. These solutions are formulated by our team of expert consultants and licensed psychologists, providing you with valuable insights.

"Using their service has completely changed our interview process. Our hiring managers rely on their [TalentScan] assessments."

Greg Troy
Senior Vice President - Human Resources and CHRO, Kaman Corporation

Premium Feature & Services

  • Third Party Integration

TalentScan integrates with Taleo Business Edition and also offers a secure API.

  • Web Hooks

TalentScan can notify your systems when specific events happen, like assessment completion.

  • Premium Assessment

Our psychologists help define behaviors, assess results, interview candidates, and offer tailored analysis.

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